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“Chinese Culture - Traditional Chinese Medicine” Traditional Chinese Medicine Free Consultancy

28 October 2012

UK Limkokwing University of  
Creative Technology

UK Research and Development Centre for Chinese Traditional Culture

Chinese Overseas Exchanges Association

A team of TCM experts on the theme of "cultural China and Chinese medicine" organised by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council of China recently came to the UK to conduct free medical treatment and health consultation activities for overseas Chinese in the UK.


Min Huijun, the vice president of Overseas Exchange Association of Fujian Province, led the team of 7 members of TCM delegation, and held voluntary clinic activities in Manchester, Edinburgh and London successively.


During their stay in London, the expert group held free clinics and health lectures in Limkokwing University of Creative Technology and in Chinatown, London, attracting a large number of overseas Chinese. The experts offered their helps and suggestions on different types, hazards and prevention techniques of colds, especially under the local climate conditions in the UK. The TCM group is divided into four consulting rooms: chronic diseases, cardiovascular diseases, arthritis and acupuncture, and gynecology.


Li Hui, the overseas Chinese Affairs counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in the UK, said that the event showed the Chinese government's care for overseas Chinese. Min Huijun, the head of the Chinese Medicine Delegation, hoped that the overseas compatriots would feel the care of their motherland.


Gui Qiulin, the President of the British Institute of Chinese traditional culture, suggested that the free clinic is open to both overseas Chinese and local people. Everyone is welcome to come for health consultation, diagnosis and treatment, and experience the exquisite skills of traditional Chinese medicine.


Ma Boying, the chairman of the all British Federation of traditional Chinese medicine, introduced the current situation and difficulties of the development of traditional Chinese medicine in the UK. He hoped that the voice of British traditional Chinese medicine could be correctly conveyed through events like this. He also hoped that more people would join the professional team of traditional Chinese medicine to help strengthen the development of traditional Chinese medicine overseas.

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