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Tai Ji Quan and Calligraphy

11 November 2013 pm​


SOAS University of



UK Research and Development Centre for Chinese Traditional Culture

Tai Ji Circle, United Kingdom

World Chen Xiao Wang Taijiquan Association UK (WCTAUK)

British Jiangxi Overseas Friendship Association


School of Oriental and African Studies Chinese Student & School Association

Sponsored by the British Institute of Chinese Traditional Culture, co-organised by the British Tai Chi Charity Federation, Chen Xiaowang Chen's Global Tai Chi Association, the British Chinese Overseas Chinese Jiangxi Association, and SOAS CSSA, Chen Xiaowang's lecture on "Tai Chi and Calligraphy" was successfully held in the Auditorium of SOAS. Li Hui, Counselor of the Consular Office of the Chinese Embassy in the UK, Dr. Shan Sheng, Chairman of the Association for the Promotion of Chinese Reunification of Chinese Overseas Chinese in the UK, Ms. Gui Qiulin, Dean of the British Institute of Chinese Traditional Culture, and Master Liu Quanjun, Chairman of the Tai Chi Charity Federation, together with nearly two hundred guests attended day's event, and around two hundred Chinese and foreign enthusiasts of Tai Chi and traditional Chinese culture, learned about the fascination of Tai Chi, Chinese self care and cultivation and calligraphy by Master Chen Xiaowang, the 19th generation of the Chen’s Tai Chi.

Master Chen Xiaowang inherited his family studies and practiced martial arts from his parents since he was a child. Through years of research, he is not only proficient in the traditional theories, practical Tai Chi routines, equipment, push hands and qigong of the Chen style Taijiquan, but also constantly innovates on this basis. In China, Master Chen has spread the Chen-style Taijiquan widely by compiling books, participating in films and TV shows, and teaching apprentices. In order to make this outstanding ancient Chinese martial arts genre flourish on the world stage, he has never stopped and founded the Chen Xiaowang Chen's Global Tai Chi Association. He taught tens of thousands of students from different cultural backgrounds. During the long-term teaching practice, Master Chen summed up a unique set of Tai Chi concepts. Today, he brought it to London, using plain and straightforward language and demonstrations, allowing the audience to deeply appreciate the charm of the Chen-style Taijiquan in martial arts and self care and cultivation. According to Master Chen, similar to most traditional Chinese martial arts, the Chen-style Taijiquan also pays attention to the role of dantian. The dantian is used to lead the breath and the qi penetrates the whole body, so as to achieve each single movement and stop.


The blood in the human body is the trajectory of the movement of qi and vitality, as if there is water floating in a channel, the use of this channel will form a movement system. The Tai Chi movement is a way to cultivate vitality and refine spirit, from the big circle to the middle then to the small, and finally we can achieve the spiritual fullness without any movement. The Chen-style Taijiquan can be divided into five levels of exercises, the highest state is the balance of yin and yang. The imbalance of yin and yang will cause "errors". The process of each of practicing Taijiquan is a process of continuously reducing errors. Finally, Master Chen also wrote the two Chinese characters, "book" and "sword". In his view, the purpose of writing calligraphy and practicing Tai Chi is the same. They are both an organic combination of human "forms and spirits".


In addition to the explanation, Master Chen not only answered various questions from the floor, but also led the audiences to practice the start-up style of the Chen-style Taijiquan. Everyone was engrossed by the movements taught by Master Chen.

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