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Flower and bird painting circular fan workshop

22 April 2017

Canary Wharf

UK Research and Development Centre for Chinese Traditional Culture

This Chinese painting workshop starts with the use of various tools and materials in Chinese painting, demonstrates how to use a brush to produce special ink and brush effects in Chinese painting, and allows students to try various wonderful ink and ink effects. Taking flowers, birds, grass and insects in nature as the theme, cutting out flower fragments into the painting, and bringing the unique brush and ink techniques of Chinese painting into the painting for specific demonstrations, such as cutting in the center, cutting in the side, lifting while walking, appearing virtual and real flying white and other artistic effects, let the students draw On the way, I realized the difference in the water content and ink color of the brush and ink, which produced different artistic conceptions in different pictures; in terms of color, how to express the artistic conception of beauty, grandeur, and luxury; in terms of composition, it is necessary to skillfully unify different scenes naturally in one picture In the painting, the arrangement of each part in the painting is full of visual artistic effect.

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