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TCM lectures and free medical consultations

11 April 2015

SOAS University of

UK Research and Development Centre for Chinese Traditional Culture

School of Oriental and African Studies Chinese Student & School Association

For thousands of years, Chinese medicine has been the guardian of the nation. Today, with the rapid development of modern medical technology, the value of Chinese medicine has not only defeated the threats, but has rapidly risen in the world. The thoughts of TCM "dialectical treatment", "seeing and hearing", "homology of medicine and food" embodied the philosophy and thinking of the Chinese nation, making it one of the most recognizable Chinese cultural labels globally. It has also become a key emotional bond of cultural identity for overseas Chinese. As the descendants of Yanhuang Emperor, Chinese medicine is very close to us, in the words and deeds of our daily lives; yet she seems to be very far away from us. It is difficult to say what kind of mystery is hidden in the pills, powder and tablets. It attracts us to constantly explore the wisdom of our ancestors.


At 5:00 pm on April 11, 2015, the Chinese Medicine Lecture hosted by the British Institute of Chinese Traditional Culture, the European Fujian Development Alliance, and the British Fujian Association, and co-organized by the Asian-African College and the Chinese Student Federation was successfully held in the Academic Lecture Hall of SOAS. This lecture invited Professor Wang Yangfu, the dean of Beijing Yangfu Muscular Atrophy Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the vice president of Mao Zedong Health Food Culture Research Association, and the president of China Famous Medical Magazine. The event was hosted by Ms. Gui Qiulin, Dean of the British Institute of Chinese Traditional Culture, Dr. Sheng Shan, Honorary Dean, Professor Ma Boying, Chairman of the All-British Federation of Chinese Medicine, and Ms. Chen Shuru, Vice Chairman of the Fujian European Development Alliance, as guests, together with the audience.


Chinese people are more and more inclined to use Western medicine nowadays, believing that Chinese medicine is more like a kind of knowledge of health preservation, and cannot treat urgent and practical diseases. Based on years of research and clinical experience, Professor Wang Yangfu started with the generally recognized TCM health preservation, and gradually introduced TCM in the face of some "difficult diseases" in terms of Western medicine, such as myasthenia gravis, depression, infertility. He also talked about how to treat herpes zoster skin diseases from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, such as the yin and yang genitalization and the changes in the five elements. Professor Wang's explanations were in-depth and simple, the cases rich and vivid, so that everyone had a more comprehensive understanding of the true strength of Chinese medicine.


Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture and moxibustion for pulse diagnosis, these ancient oriental "magic" always fascinate foreigners. The lecture attracted many foreign friends, and the students from the Simultaneous Interpretation department of the University of Westminster volunteered in providing the non-Chinese audience with translation and explanation, so that they could better experience the profoundness of Chinese culture. The audience the speakers made valuable communication. After the lecture, the organizer also provided a free consultation, where Professor Wang Yangfu personally provided detailed answers to the audience.


The event lasted three and a half hours. Dr. Wang and the guests exchanged calligraphy, paintings, group photos, and took photos with the audience to mark the end of the lecture and the free clinic. The purpose of this lecture is to explain the health maintenance of traditional Chinese medicine and provide recommendations and guidelines for the majority of middle-aged and elderly people.

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